Core Unwind – 12 Series

Client Feedback:
  • Feeling taller
  • Feeling lighter
  • Feeling more grounded
  • Feeling less pain
  • Feeling balanced
  • Greater range of motion

Structural Integration techniques are a new way of exploring your body and the relationships of its parts which is done in a sequence of sessions called a series

Series work helps to initiate change for the better in your posture, movement, energy and knowledge of how your body works.

If you can imagine how it feels to have a fluid, balanced body, free of pain, stiffness and chronic stress, at ease with itself and the earth’s gravitational field, then you will understand the goals of Structural Integration.” – Jeffrey Maitland, Ph.D.


Superficial Sessions 1 – 4
We begin your Journey releasing the superficial layers to help allow access to the deeper layers as well as create space for the core to expand.
Core Sessions 5 – 8
Once the superficial layers have been opened, we then travel into the deeper core layers where we are able to release and unwind the primary compensation patterns held there during these next  four sessions.
Integration Sessions 9 – 12
The final journey is to now integrate everything that has been unwound in the superficial and deep layers, connecting you to your full being.

SI 3

Unwind your body patterns!

Fascia, one of the basic building blocks of our bodies, is an intricate web of connective tissue that connects our toes all the way to the top of our skulls.

Fascia surrounds and connects every muscle, tendon, organ all the way down to every single cell of the body forming a continuous net of communication at every level.

When we have a postural habit from work, play or an injury, our cells will produce more layers of fibers to protect the overworked or injured site. It becomes thickened with tissue and communication to the area becomes difficult; like a car battery that has become corroded.

We must work through the corrosive and thickened patterns in order to open up a pathway for an effective jump-start of the area so the entire system works more efficiently.

What happens to the surrounding tissue when a section of our fascia becomes injured and thickened?

When we have an area of our body that is not communicating well due to thickened fascial adhesions, other parts of our bodies will compensate.

“How much more difficult is it for you to drive your car when it is out of alignment?”

Think about the last time you were driving a car that was out of alignment. Was is more difficult or easy to steer the car in the direction you wanted it to go? This is what the surrounding tissue of our bodies are dealing with when there is a portion of the fascia that has been damaged.

The damaged area gets stuck, like your car’s alignment being stuck to the right. In order to keep your car straight, you have to constantly hold the steering wheel more left. The next time you get into your car to drive, you know that you need to hold the car to the left and that becomes your new norm.

Our bodies do the same thing. Our tissue
adjusts to the new pattern and works

SI pic

Structural Integration can help bring your body back into alignment.

Structural Integration addresses these fascial restrictions by strategically working your tissue to re-pattern your body.

It does so by helping to realign the fascial tissue back to a healthy state which will help bring fluids to any dehydrated areas.

Once realigned, the tissue begins to communicate and conduct appropriately.

Structural Integration techniques are a new way of exploring your body and the relationships of its parts which is done in a sequence of sessions.

Series work helps to initiate change for the better in your posture, your movement, your energy, and your knowledge of how your body works.

Structural Integration FAQ
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We look forward to helping you on your journey to a balanced body!